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Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that plays a major role in protein synthesis. It is found in skeletal muscles and circulating in the blood. It is required for numerous metabolic functions within the body including: regulation of cell growth, synthesis of protein chains, movement of nitrogen in the body, kidney cell function amongst others.


It occurs in abundance in natural food products including beef, chicken, fish and eggs and is generally part of an everyday diet for dogs.


Glutamine is commonly used to aid repair of muscle and bone tissue increasing overall healing time. Studies have also shown that it is particularly helpful in supporting the gut barrier function. It is believed that the intestine is more potent at extracting glutamine than other amino acids and is therefore a better option to treat the gastrointestinal tract.


Glutamine is also important for removing excess ammonia and helps the immune system function. It is believed that the body uses up stores of glutamine during prolonged activity which can be taken from muscular cells if the body does not have sufficiency in other areas.

Glutamine has positive effects on seriously ill patients and older dogs by helping to restore immune system functionality and prevent or aid control infection.

The benefits of supplementing with glutamine include maintaining a general level of this amino acid to stave off muscular retraction as well as treating gastrointestinal problems.