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Treatment of Arthritis, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia and all other Joint Pain

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Curcumin is a member of the ginger family of spices and is the principal ingredient of turmeric commonly used in curry. In addition to use as a spice and pigment, turmeric has been used as an Ayruvedic  medicine in India and China for over a millennium. It is believed that the spice has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities and may be useful in the treatment of cancer.


Curcumin acts as a free-radical neutraliser preventing free radicals from stealing electrons and damaging healthy cells. It also inhibits the body’s chemical response to inflammation by nullifying chemical messengers.


Curcumin has a positive effect on the gut as it increases mucin content, thereby protecting the gastric mucosa against problems and it may also protect against gastro-intestinal ulcers. Curcumin increases bile acid production in dogs.


It is believed that curcumin has a sharp and transient hypotensive effect on the heart and may inhibit the build up of platelets. It also prevents build up of cholesterol in the liver.


Curcumin is also purported to promote healthy skin by working as an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal agent inhibiting growth of most organisms such as Straph aureus, Streptococci, lactobacilli, corynebacterium, Baccilus aureus, and micrococcus pyogenes.


When used as an everyday supplement for dogs it helps to maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of a dog’s metabolism.