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Treatment of Arthritis, Hip & Elbow Dysplasia and all other Joint Pain

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Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and its main function is to support connective tissue repair.


Collagen is found in significant amounts in cartilage. The extracellular cartilage is largely collagen. It is also called dense connective tissue or dense fibrous tissue because of its structure. Dense connective tissue forms rope-like structures such as tendons and ligaments. Tendons attach muscles to bones and ligaments connect bones to bones at joints. There are several types of collagen found in the body although the most common in joints and cartilage are types I & 2.


When collagen is hydrolyzed it supplies amino acids such as glycine, lysine, and proline to individual cells in order to build connective tissue structures, and to regulate the functions of the cells. Thereby acting as the body’s glue to adhere cartilage to bones and teeth to gums. It contains amino acids needed for bone and joint health and nutritional support to combat pain caused by inflammation.


Supplementing with collagen provides many benefits including supporting muscle growth, increased metabolism, and providing structural material and nutrients needed for the repair of injuries (cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones and discs). It is also thought that collagen provides a positive nitrogen balance which is important in the nutritional support of age relayed degeneration like collagen loss and cartilage damage.